“I’m very thankful to have beaten Breast Cancer twice! Mammograms are amazing, and I encourage you to get yours! I also encourage you to do self-exams as well because that’s how I found my breast tumors, BOTH times! I received my first diagnosis when I was 32 and a mother of 2 young boys. I chose to be aggressive in my treatment plan as I wanted to be there for my young family. My family was my focus and inspiration in my fight.

Fast forward twenty years and I was blindsided with a second diagnosis of Stage 3 Triple Negative breast cancer. A double mastectomy, with a medi port implanted for chemo, soon followed. Having chemo twice has left me with residual side effects, and I feel blessed to be here today. My faith, marriage, family and friends give me the strength for this fight for life. Reconstruction surgery was not an option for me. I found the Radiant Impressions Custom Prosthesis to be the most natural and comfortable. I forget that I have them on!

Thank you Trulife!”