“Radiant Impressions Custom Breast Prosthesis Has made an enormous difference in my life! The implant removal and several trips to the operating room a year after my mastectomy left me with more nooks and crannies than an english muffin, resulting in constant chaffing from an ill- fitting prosthesis. My shoulders and back would ache and I couldn’t wait to get out of my bra. Even though I was so thankful to be alive, I wasn’t my old, cheerful self.

My clothes wouldn’t hang properly because my bra would gap, so I had to make sure my neckline was very high.
Not anymore! Radiant Impressions is so comfortable, it feels like its part of me. My husband is amazed at the difference not only in how it looks, but that I am back to my old self. It has allowed me to look better, and be a better me. Friends, family and even my doctor have noticed that I am back!

The process was so easy it’s like getting a picture taken. Of course, Jackie Staitl at Amanda Thomas Boutique makes any shopping a special event. We even shared a few laughs during the measuring procedure. Check it out; you will be glad you did.”