“Hi, my name is Carol. I’m a three-time breast cancer survivor, 1999, 2009 and 2012. I have had multiple surgeries, radiation on one side and finally chemo. I have had reconstructive surgery twice with good results but I remain uneven because of medical advances and previous radiation.
My body image has been redefined over and over. I have come to grips with all of it and have continued to move forward in my life.

It seems that never a day goes by that I’m not reminded abut cancer and its continuing fight for a cure. I fight the feeling of being a cancer victim.

Looking at myself in the mirror has been the hardest thing. I could always tell that I was uneven, even when I wore clothes to camouflage it. Your prostheses make me look “normal” and “beautiful”. No one see the scars of cancer, not even me.

Thanks so much!”