Vicky & Crystal from Women's Health Boutique
Vicki & Crystal from Women’s Health Boutique

Our mission at Women’s Health Boutique is to “make a positive difference in the way women look and feel.” As a result, we truly believe women should have a choice of all prostheses that are available for them, regardless of who their insurance is with, what their insurance allows, or if they even have insurance! Every women has the privilege of choosing what she wants and needs. Unfortunately, fitters often assume women only want what their insurance will pay for. At Women’s Health Boutique, we show women what their insurance will pay for and what their other options are…Radiant Impressions. Even we are often amazed when women say “I want THAT even if my insurance pays nothing.” So, never “assume” your customers will only want what their insurance will pay for. You just may be surprised!

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